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California Republic Comic Con (CRCC) is a family-friendly fan-based pop culture and comic convention in California: Merced (2016-2021) and Placerville (starting 2022).


Produced by the fan-run Colossus Girl Entertainment LLC, it caters to the fans who want to enjoy the comforts of fandom without the corporate hustle and bustle, high prices and the need to travel far for a good show, and also without sacrificing quality. 

Each CRCC show is filled with film and TV stars, artists, comic books, toys, games, everything science fiction, fantasy, and anime, as well as video games, music, live entertainment, food, and much much more.


A family friendly environment, and the perfect place to enjoy everything from cosplay to game tournaments. Don't miss out and stay tuned for updates!



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Colossus Girl is Colossus Girl Entertainment's own superhero, protector of fans and justice seeker. She appears all over California, as well as Oregon to make sure fans are having a great time. 

Captain California is the official superhero mascot of California Republic Comic Con. Teaming up with Colossus Girl, Captain California protects the fans in Central Valley and always defends fun and good times. 

Colossus Girl and Captain California are created by writer Davidson L. Haworth and artist Chris Marrinan. All right reserved. 

There are many conventions nowadays. Some are big, some are small. Some are just a small vendor hall with no guests and activities, some charge an arm and a leg to get in.

CRCC is different. We aim to provide the best experience of being at a full-scale convention at a very affordable price so everyone can go and have a good time. It is not just guests and vendors but an entire event with many fun-filled things to do where you can spend all day making memories with friends and families - and without breaking the bank.

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